Saturday, May 11, 2013


Holy Cow.
I have so many emotions going through me.

I'm used to the anxious-not-so-patient feeling that I get when I'm waiting my 2 weeks for my blood test to see if we are pregnant this month. 

However, today i'm experiencing so many other emotions. Its unreal.

I'm nervous/excited/terrified/fearful/happy/determined and overwhelmed thinking of my new job and all that I need to learn and know. (i'm on MY OWN starting Monday ..learning the ropes on my own since the girl i'm replacing had her last day yesterday)

I'm anxious/worried/hopeful/expectant/not patiently waiting for my blood test.

I'm worried/excited/nervous/sad/fearful to be leaving my current job.

I'm excited/proud/giddy to be able to bring in some extra money for our family.

I'm grateful/thankful/and truly blessed that I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and is watching out for me.

I'm annoyed/angry/and unfortunately a little resentful of a few people...I'm working really hard to overcome it though.

I'm proud/incredulous/flabbergasted/and excited. I took some Senior pictures for my baby brother yesterday and spent today editing them. He only has 8 school days left of high school, then he'll graduate, and turn 18/turn in his mission papers!!! Also, I can't believe its been 8 years since I graduated! Guess it means that I'm old!

I've over-booked myself of things that I'm trying to accomplish this weekend so I'm feeling overwhelmed/tired/hungry/stressed/exhausted.

Also,I'm overjoyed/giddy--I'm 1 pound away from my first goal of losing 20 pounds!!

yeah...i'd say that about covers everything i'm feeling all at once today. lol

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