Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I changed the header on this blog about a month ago.

I have been struggling being happy.

And I've been working on ways to be happy.

I shared the story of a "billion clicks"--and i'm still working on that and contributing to it.

I've been trying to be a happier and more supportive wife to my husband, and surprise surprise: we are getting along better.

I figured what I needed to try my best to do was realize how BLESSED I am in my life. And the name change on my blog is a wonderful daily reminder.

I have also been "in a rut" with my job. I have been so grateful to have this job. Seriously. Its low key, but fun, and when I was in desperate need of a new job--this job was a MIRACLE. I will always realize what an answer it was to our prayers.

I've been here for 2 years and about 5 months ago got promoted to store manager. Nothing in my job has changed except for my title :) Its a family run business, and the owner, his wife, and his daughters have been so good to step in for me if I come down with the flu (I was out for an entire week my first year) or working for me so I could have my birthday off. They are good people.

BUT its summer. and we are in downtown Mesa (which is slow anyways). and they have started construction on the light rail on main street. I'm only working part time as it is, and now my hours are getting cut more.

I also work as a respite provider for my brother...well in June my baby brother can do respite for him to earn money for his mission. So I was going to be making hardly ANYTHING starting June 1st.

Its a dilemma. With fertility, and our regular bills, and trying to build a small savings, as well as a "car fund" (my red car has been hanging on for over a year now...its basically dead, but chugging along for me) we are in need of a stable income and preferably one with an increase.

With my family praying and fasting with us, I feel that I have received the answer to our prayers. But now I dont know how to tell this family that i've worked with for so long and who I love...that I'm needing to leave them. I'm not good at this! I've been blessed with my job, but I feel that I will be more blessed by taking this new job.

Any suggestions?

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