Monday, May 6, 2013

Hello, Monday.

Hello Monday!

Hello to hot weather, and sitting under fans all day (along with the A/C--oh its going to be fun to get the  electric bill THIS summer).

Hello to fitting into a size smaller jean/dress pant!

Hello to my handsome husband and how great we've been getting along lately :)

Hello to an exciting opportunity today that has my stomach in knots!

Hello to my dear Heavenly Father who knew how anxious I was, and who helped me get the bests night sleep that I've had in almost 6 months!

Hello to my horribly grown out acrylic nails, that are making it hard to type on my keyboard...turn off the alarm in the mornings, and grabbing simple things. I think its time we got you filled and then cut!
(also, how in the world do women manage with incredibly long nails?! i don't understand it!)

Hello to wearing a leopard print shirt and red flats.

Hello to praying multiple times a day that we'll get pregnant soon.

Hello to a cute niece that loves me so hard she ran full blast into me and knocked us both over while attempting to give me a hug

Hello to my mother-in-law and father-in-law who are on their way home from their mission! (timed it out perfect for mothers day!)

Hello to piles of laundry waiting for me that have been getting put off because Jace and I just discovered Hell's Kitchen on Hulu.

and Hello to a new week...hopefully one filled with opportunities to be happy, to be of service, and for new things to help me grow!

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