Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Our Journey Part 11

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These next 2 weeks were excruciating  No joke...if I thought time had moved slowly before, this took the cake. Jace and I would just stare at the calendar. My mom, brother, and SIL were asking (after just 4 days!) how close the 2 weeks were to coming to an end. Ha. We are not patient people. Obviously.

Well...FINALLY the 2 week wait was up. It was time for my blood test. And it just so happened to be on Jace's day off (i LOVE when he comes with me). We went, they drew blood, and we decided to make the most of that was GORGEOUS here in the valley. Sunny, blue skies, fluffy clouds, a light breeze, and the temperature was in the mid 70s. Glorious.

So we went to the park and ate, and laid down, and just enjoyed.

However after a couple of hours, it was getting to the point that they might actually call...and I wanted to be home when that happened.

We jumped in the car, got home, and as soon as I stepped through the door, my phone rang.

Jace has been SO SO eager this month--what with our 3 follicles...I looked over at him and his eyes were questioning.

That's when I heard my nurses' voice.

"Andrea, we have the results..."

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