Thursday, April 11, 2013

Our Journey Part 8

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I've never before had time move so fast and so slow at the same time. Seriously. I cant even describe it properly...but i was MISERABLE for those 2 weeks that we had to wait until our next appointment.

We were praying so hard, and fasting, and our family was doing the same.

Through these 2 weeks, I tried my best not to be thinking that I was pregnant. I didn't want a repeat of my major meltdown like the month before.

However, things were definitely different this month than last month. I was THIRSTY for water...ALL THE TIME. I am horrible at drinking water, and I always have been. So that was weird.

I also was getting up in the middle of the night with crazy weird dreams. Every night.

I was beyond sensitive to smells. We went to AJ's for dessert one night, and decided to walk to the butcher section to see if they had anything good...the smell of fish hit me before we even got there and we had to immediately turn around and leave the store for fresh air.

Also, towards the end of the 2 weeks I woke up and was throwing up in the mornings.

I really started thinking that there was something in there!!! But I didn't talk about it with anyone. Just couldn't do it. I didn't want to get people thinking that I was pregnant if I ended up not being pregnant.

So my appointment for my blood test was scheduled...and after last time I knew that since it was after noon (my appointment had to be at 230 because of work) that it was possible that I wasn't going to get the call letting me know until the next day.

I was antsy, that's for sure. After my appointment, Jace wanted me to come and visit him at work (hes only a couple of miles up from my doctor). I went and HE was the one that was super nervous this time. He kept asking me "so how did it go?", fine. they drew blood and i left. "well what did they say?"...that they would call with the results, but probably not today. "well, did they have any indication of what it might be?" silly! that's what the blood test is for; they cant read the blood with their psychic powers.

It went on like that for about 5 minutes and then he needed to help a I left. and sat on my couch, phone in hand, watching my clock tick ever so closer to 5 pm (the cut off time of calling that day).

tick, tock. tick, tock.

5:30 PM.

Okay...not happening that day. ::sigh of disappointment::


its the doctors office. deep breath. here we go!



  1. You are really good at building up the anticipation...but I really hate these cliff-hangers!!

  2. You have to finish this story now!!!!

  3. I have been reading through this story, and I have a love-hate relationship with this cliffhanger! ;) I can't wait to read more! Thanks for sharing it all.

  4. What??? When are you going to tell us? I've been praying for you and will continue to do so!! :-) :-)


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