Thursday, April 4, 2013

Book Review--Edenbrooke

So, I was just thinking that I've never really talked about books on my blog!

That is crazy to me, because books are a HUGE part of my life. Books are my sanctuary, if you will. I can pick up a book and be instantly transported into another time and place. I see the story play out in my head much like an actual movie would. When I read, I get lost in the story. I don't hear whats going on around me--I can tune everything, and everyone out. (I love, and my mother hates that little trait!)

I've always LOVED and "wanted to be" sleeping beauty, but totally envied Belle's library at the Beasts castle. 

 I attribute my love of reading having started with my Grandma Gunnell...she was constantly 
reading me a book!

I'm a natural speed reader---always have been. My mom and brother Jeff never believed that I was actually done with a book (for a school assignment or just for fun) when I told them I was. They used to make me do "summaries" and when I was going into so much detail, it blew their minds!

My closet at my parents house was a walk-in (sigh!), and I had a TON of space for shoes...which QUICKLY became my bookshelf. My shoes took a backseat on the floor so I could display my books properly!

Every year I asked for books for my birthday or for Christmas. One year my brother Jeff got me 4 books (one of which was the ENTIRE Narnia series) for Christmas...I had ALL of them read within a week. That's when he vowed he wasn't going to get me books anymore---because I burn through them so quick!!!

Well, through all my years of reading and building up my library, I have had quite a few favorites. 
But there are only a SELECT few that fill my heart to bursting, causing me to want to read them over and over and over. 

I have found a new book to add to that list.

My mom gave it to me to read, to see if it was something she was going to like and be able to get through. (shes not a big reader, nor does she have hardly any 'down' time).
I actually forgot I had this...I found it under the STACK of books on my nightstand...and so I started last night at 12 AM (I couldn't sleep) and 1 AM rolls around and I know I should be sleeping, but I don't want to put it down! and then at 1:30 AM I finished the book. And my heart soared!!! I immediately wanted to re-read it, and last night as I was falling asleep, I played that book through my mind again and dreamed about it. Does that make me weird? If so, then I'm okay with that!


The book takes place probably around the time of Pride and Prejudice and in England as well. On the cover of the book it says "A Proper Romance" and I would have to agree. I have always loved pride and prejudice, but there was always an edge to my love for it.
I am a happy middle/ending kind of girl. My mom calls it "Disney endings". Its true. I love when things work out and make you so happy that you cant help smiling! 
Well this book has just enough go wrong to make you question if things are going to work out the way you want them to, some heartache, and then, of course, the romance. It truly IS a proper romance! There is no stuffiness, no arrogance, no aloofness that there is in Pride and Prejudice--there is just heart warming moments. I love it!
Seriously friends...Mr. Darcy, who?? Its ALL about Phillip. The end.

My suggestion...If you are looking for an easy read, with lots of heart, you should read Edenbrooke. 
Its truly a fantastic book!

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