Monday, April 1, 2013

That just happened...

SO...i woke up this morning having some...stomach issues.

I've been puking my guts out all day.

However, I remembered (in the nick of time, thank goodness), that my RS "get to know you garden party" THAT I'M IN CHARGE tomorrow.

And I had alot of stuff that I was in charge of buying/preparing/bringing.

So I got myself dressed...and with my puke bucket in hand (or car, as this was) I set out to fulfill my calling.

My first stop was to Superstition Ranch Market for some fresh fruit. 

Now, I'm in sweats, with my hair pilled up on my head in a dirty bun, sans makeup.
I know that I didn't look good on top of the fact of having been bent over a toilet for 7 hours.

However when a teenager (who was not an employee) approached me and called me "Ma'am"...

I was 50% super pleased with this kids manners...and 50% horrified that I'm now qualified as a ma'am. 

No joke. (ha. get it? april fools day?)

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