Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"Garden" Party

In my ward, my calling is Relief Society Night Coordinator.

That's a long name for the person who plans enrichment nights.

I got the calling a year ago when we moved into the ward and was totally overwhelmed by the thought of it. I mean, personally, I had been to maybe 3 enrichment nights since Jace and I had gotten married.
But as the year progressed, and my committee was formed, I became more comfortable with the calling and began looking forward to the next night.

Well, we just had our 1st official enrichment night of the year.
A garden party!! (inside)

Yummy finger sandwiches were made, fresh fruit and light salads were provided, refreshing lemonade served, and a fruit pizza bar laid out.

We have such an influx of new sisters move into the ward, and then of course the women who we don't get to see often in Primary, Nursery, and Young Women's.

I've been in my ward for a year, and I still don't know very many women. I just got a new Visiting teacher and she and i had never officially met!

So I decided I wanted us to do a get to know you night! 
But I wanted it to be different.

The goal was to make them draw a number of a table to sit at for dinner (so they didn't necessarily sit with their normal group of friends) and then they would take turns asking/answering questions about themselves (they were provided).

After they all answered questions at the table, I asked a question like, "Who has broken a bone?" and anyone who raised their hand had to move to a new table and then they repeated the asking/answering question process, but with a new group of sisters!
That way we would cover a much greater amount of new meet and greets!

When I ran the idea by my committee, I was pleasantly surprised with their enthusiastic response! And I have to agree, that the night turned out quite wonderfully. I had trouble getting the ladies to stop talking long enough to explain the games we were going to do! That's what I call a success!! I pretty much love my calling, even if sometimes I don't feel quite up to par with others.
The Lord definitely knows what you need and what others need and he places you in the position to help others and yourself!

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