Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Starting to click.

Yesterday I wrote a pretty negative blog post. I think I left it up for a few hours before I finally just deleted it.

Being happy and positive didn't use to be as hard as it is right now.

Infertility, money stress, life stress, and lots of medication (hormone medication to be exact) will do that to you, i guess. But I don't like who I am when i'm negative.

I've been praying to find my way back from the"dark" and come back into the "light" of positive thinking.

A couple of years ago, I went to my first Time Out for Women. If I can swing it, i will be going to that every year for as long as they are going to do it. There was a musical/inspirational presenter named Hilary Weeks. I loved her. Everything she sang...everything she talked about just soaked into my soul. Seriously.

(My favorite CD)

(This was the Time Out for Women that I first saw her at)

Well, today Hilary posted a video segment that she did on a local TV show...about the POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING.

Um...hello. This had my name all over it!

watch it here

After seeing it, I went onto the website that Hilary started...Billion Clicks and I knew, I just KNEW that this was going to help get me out of my dark hole. I just signed up...and I've contributed 14 clicks this morning.

Its going to be a good day. Something just "started to click." ME.

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  1. Your name is on their website! Andrea Hunt from Mesa, Arizona...14 clicks...about an hour ago.


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