Thursday, April 25, 2013


Lately I have caught myself day dreaming of my future life.

Jace and I have sat down multiple times and "mapped" out what we'd like our lives to look like in 3 year, 
5 year, and 10 year increments.

Some goals in those lists are:
Have at least 2 kids
Jace will finish college
We will buy a house
Have a new car
Have another kid
Go to Ireland for our anniversary
Jace will receive multiple promotions

and the list goes on.

I've been day dreaming about what it will be like when i'm finally pregnant. 
How i'll look, how i'll feel. How we will need to re-arrange furniture to fit baby stuff. 
What we'll actually need to have/buy for when we have a baby. 

Yesterday was a weird day. I'm on lots of medicine so i always And then things kept happening that weren't planned, things were taking longer than they were supposed to, i bit my lip hard and its all swollen, i forgot to eat dinner, and JACE wanted to watch a reality TV show. 
My world was kinda upside down.

Yesterday at work, I also decided that i'd start planning our UK adventure! Jace and I both LOVE Ireland. To death. I have family from there. We both agreed on our honeymoon that we'd start planning and saving and go to Ireland for our anniversary. What we couldn't see coming then, was that we'd have to do fertility and that would put a kibosh on our 5th anniversary plans.

 However, I decided that i was sick of just talking about someday and that i would start researching and getting a good base plan! I had so much fun. We will fly to JFK (I've never been to NYC) and then we'd fly to Dublin. We'd have 2 weeks to explore and do what we want! Like we'd go to London on the train (never been on a train!) and we'd see all of the "touristy sights"that Jace has his heart set on, and we'd go to the Isle of Wight (by ferry!) because that is where my fathers family (at some point down the line) came from! 

We'd also take another train and go to Scotland for a few days. 

I'm telling you, I cant wait to put this dream into motion and actually GO on our UK trip. It will be grand, for sure. :)

Do you have things that you day dream about regularly?

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