Monday, April 29, 2013

Oh, prom.

My parents had their last child go to their Senior Prom on Saturday.
Its been 14 years since Jeff went. 
yeah...we have big gaps between us kids. I was waiting for Joe to bring his beautiful date to our house for a few minutes so we could see them, I got to reflecting on my Senior Prom. Unfortunately, I don't have very many happy memories attached to that night. I had been with my boyfriend for almost a year, but the month before our Prom he started being a total jerk to me. However, no one else was going to ask me to prom because we were dating. I finally went with my mom and bought my first formal dress (I had borrowed my cousin Becky's for all of my other formal dances) at Arizona Bridal. It was stinking expensive, but GORGEOUS. It was a fitted sheath dress, with a beaded overlay (HEAVY), and a massive tulle train that we had bustled. I adored this dress. Well, my boyfriend didn't even officially ask me until the week before prom. And then all of that night, he never once commented on how nice I looked or anything. He was totally lame all night and made my first and last prom totally awful. Needless to say we broke up right after graduation and we both were happier and moved on quickly.

I'm so proud of my baby brother. Joe makes (and has always made) good choices. He knows that he shouldn't have a steady girlfriend before his mission, so hes never "dated dated" a girl. He has a great group of friends and they all have gone to dances together and they do large group dates when they go out. I can't believe Joe will be graduating in less than a month, and out on his mission before the end of this year. 
Time just keeps flying. 

For your entertainment, I found (amazingly) one of my big brother Jeff's Senior prom pictures, one of mine, and since I took them, one of Joe's. So fun!

(Jeff and Sarah May 1999)

(Me and Justin May 2005)

(Joe and Whitney April 2013)


  1. GAH! I totally forgot you dated Juse....I kept trying to think who in the world are you talking about with the ex-boyfriend.

    1. I know...I...just know. lol ((shaking my head))


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