Friday, May 3, 2013


I don't know if this is a woman thing.

Or if its a general thing.

Or maybe its just an "Andrea is crazy" kind of thing.

But man alive, lately I've been feeling so overwhelmed.

I've talked it over with my sweet husband, and yesterday with my dear mother.

Last year, i WAY cut back on my working hours at my day job hoping that would help. And it did for awhile, but the last 6 months (also when we started fertility treatments and LOTS of medications) I started feeling completely overwhelmed again.

My day job is in downtown Mesa...and i'm not busy at all. Which is good and bad. Part of my problem is that I get to sleep in (I don't have to work until 10) and so i'm sluggish in the mornings...then i go to work and sit on my booty--watching hulu or browsing blogs until I leave. I'm not productive at all. And the summer is hitting...which means that I wont be busy for the next 4 months. Oi.

I try and do hair in the afternoons, but I haven't had very many clients lately, so I feel that i sit around until I need to make dinner (if I can find the motivation) and Jace comes home, we eat, watch TV, and then go to bed.

I've come to realize that 80% of my brain is focusing on the fertility and medications and doctors appointments (7 already for April and tomorrow). And the other 20% gets family things, financial woes, church activities, work, and general stress.

I'm a mess people!

We have been praying for a door to open in regards to me feeling more productive, and happy at work and also for a boost in income. Thinking about leaving my current day job (I've been here 2 years) makes me want to hyperventilate. Its easy and comfortable here...I know what I need to do and whats expected of me. I fear! I'm scared to grow! I really need to get a grip on myself and focus on what would benefit our family, and allow me to become a better person. Even if its scary.


Brain rant over. :)


  1. Hey I don't know if you would be interested. But a girl at my work needs a nanny for 30 hours a week. Pay I think is pretty good. She has four boys, one with downs. It would keep you busy! Let me know if you would like her info

  2. I know with being a heritage makers consultant Im supposed to ask everyone to join my team...but I don't. Team members talk to each other all the time about their lives and their families and their work and become apart of each others lives and there are just some people that I would never consider involving myself with for one reason or another.
    That overwhelming feeling can drive a person crazy and I completely feel for you. I love my family and I love all of our fun events and memories. Heritage Makers gives me that boost to record and preserve it so that my kids and grand-kids will have those memories and pictures to look at as well.
    You do this blog and I've got to give you mad props for that! I think I have started a dozen journals and have never finished one. Like I said before I don't ask many people fact I have asked exactly 3 people...but I think you would be a great Personal Publishing consultant for Heritage Makers. You are an awesome people person, you love your family,their lives, and stories and you have a dedicated driven personality. You would get to make your own hours and you have a wonderful group of ladies that get together every month for personal and business support. I would thoroughly enjoy having you on my team! I mean that in absolute seriousness! Keep your day job and try this out. Worst case scenario you don't enjoy the business aspect of it but you will still get the consultant discount and you will be able to record all your wonderful family memories. Think about it:) It has been a huge blessing in my my life as well as my families lives and I know it would be in yours as well:)


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