Friday, June 28, 2013


Hey guys/gals,

So...I'm not techy. Seriously.

I dont know the "lingo". For real.

However, I have been hearing about Google Reader going away...and apparently...thats BAD.

So I've added a link for you to follow me on BlogLovin'. I've been using it for the past year or so.

Its still good stuff.

and this is just an FYI!

((click the know you want to.))


  1. Google Reader is going away, not Blogger. Google Reader is what allows one to read the multiple blog feeds in one place. To replace that I recommend using Feedly. :-) You won't lose your blog.

  2. BAHAHA so ignore my comment, because you obviously understood. :-( That's what I get for speaking before I fully checked something out. I miss read "its still good stuff" as this new blog has good stuff on it too....I'm dumb

  3. I tried out multiple feed readers, because I'm crazy, and prefer feedly best. But that's me.


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