Friday, November 30, 2012

Ending in Gratitude:

November is over. 

What the heck!?!

It went by SO fast!

I'm so happy that i chose to do gratitude blogging this month.
Its pushed me to blog/write in my journal, and 
it also helped me really reflect on my MANY MANY blessings.

So, lets conclude this month of gratitude:

Day 26:

I'm grateful for TEMPLES and the ability to have a temple DOWN THE STREET from me. I'm grateful for our eternal marriage and our future eternal family and the joy that comes from knowing that I'm with my sweetheart...FOREVER. (also, i'm pretty lucky--the Snowflake temple is just 20 minutes away from my cabin as well!)
(Mesa, Arizona Temple)

(Snowflake, Arizona Temple)

(Christmas Lights 2009)

(Christmas Lights 2010)

 (3rd Anniversary 2012)

Day 27:

I'm grateful for Jace's family. I am so much different from them personality wise, and so sometimes I feel out of place, or that I don't necessarily fit in, but they are good people and I love them.

Day 28:

I'm grateful for Arizona and its beautiful weather! I am so blessed to be living here and to have grown up here. I know this ends up being one of people's destination places because of the nice weather (most) of the year. (Yes, the months June-August/September are brutal, but you guys...its 80 degrees today)

Day 29:

I'm grateful for my education. I was blessed enough to go through 4 years of college,
and then blessed to go to cosmetology school.

Day 30:

I'm grateful for kind words, inspiring words, a comforting hug, a knowing smile, 
and a listening ear from all those around me.

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