Saturday, November 17, 2012

Gratitude Dude.

I love the months of November and December.

We reflect and think of what we are blessed with and what we are grateful for...more than normal.

For the most part people are kinder and have more love and service in their hearts. 

Which is totally awesome, dude.
(yes, apparently i'm in the 80's and/or a surfer)

Now, onto days 11-15:

Day 11 just happened to be Veteran's Day. I am so grateful for those who HAVE served, ARE serving, and who WILL serve our country. Thank you for your sacrifice and service, your love and your support!

Day 12:

Technology is awesome. I can chat with friends and family down the road, or in a different state, or make new friends in different countries. It also allows me to not die of boredom at work by providing me access to Hulu and Netflix. Its amazing!

Day 13:

Jace and I both have jobs. And right now, that is very very comforting. I'm so grateful to know that we have a steady income in this VERY uncertain time in ALOT of peoples lives. 

Day 14:

We have PLENTY to eat. We have never wanted for food, or never had the money or opportunity to go grocery shopping. We have a stocked pantry and are working on our year storage. (actually right now we are working on our 72 hour steps, right?)

Day 15:

Memories. I'm so grateful for memories. I had my maternal grandparents both die when i was young 
(5 and 8 years old), and an aunt (12 years old) and an uncle (22 years old). I loved them all so much, and so i'm grateful for the memories that i have made of them. This is a necklace that reminds me of one my grandma wore every day.

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