Friday, November 16, 2012

Its the little things

Its the little things that make you realize how blessed you are.

like finding that $50 you thought you lost. (good thing too, since that's what you were going to use to get your hair re-highlighted and without it, you would just have to suck it up looking lazy and gross)

...or like a husband who brought home donuts and INSISTED they were for you since you had a stressful day (i'm sure they were all JUST FOR ME...yeah right!)

...or how about going on a nice walk outside with your husband and just...talking. without phones, computers, Netflix  or halo to distract us. (can you guess who's distractions are who's?)

...or the fact that even though i'm grumbling about having to work Saturdays AND Mondays now, i HAVE a job.

I am truly blessed and i need to remember that much much more.

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