Saturday, November 10, 2012

Grateful Days 6-10

Day 6:
Our Home. Its technically an apartment, but feels like its much more. We love it. Its cozy. 

Day 7:
My Bosch. This is what I wanted from my parents for our wedding, and I got it! It has helped me make countless cookies, cupcakes, and breads...its the gift that just keeps on giving!

Day 8:
My wonderful parents! I love them very much. They just celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary in August!

Day 9: 
My mother in law Kara painted this picture the month we got married. Little did she know that it looks exactly like the bridge up at my cabin where we went on our honeymoon (color changing leaves and all!) When they were packing up their house she asked if I wanted anything, and this painting was at the top of my list!

Day 10:
I ordered our Christmas cards a week ago, and have spent some time every night addressing them to people. Now they are all ready to send! (I'll wait until Thanksgiving...don't worry)

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