Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Grateful for:

Thanksgiving is drawing closer and the end of November will be here before you know it!
Time is moving too fast for me.

Alas, keeping up with my grateful days:

Day 16:
Good friends all through jr. high, high school, and college. (Katie, Troy, and Emily) In this picture its me, 
troy, and Emily while Katie was taking the picture. All three were in my wedding party. I was invited into Emily's and i'm one of Katie's matrons of honor.

Day 17:
I had bad teeth. Not horrible, or gross by any means, but i had multiple things wrong with my smile. My grandpa graciously paid for my 2 years of braces and i'm FOREVER grateful for the beautiful smile i now have.

Day 18:
Jace and I were in charge of Family Home Evening this month for both extended families (Hunts and Wights) We did something different for each family, but focused on our blessings and gratitude for both. 

Day 19:
Ever since i turned 16 my hair has decided it wants to change me into a brunette. I have always been a natural blonde, and i'm grateful for the chemistry and bleach used to help keep me that way as I'm getting older. I'm also grateful to have the money to get my hair done.

Day 20:
I'm grateful for laughter. I'm grateful for fishy faces which produce alot of laughter in my family.

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  1. Oh cute! Is that your mom making the fishy face with you? Great post!


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