Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Prep

Did you guys participate in Black "Friday" (technically it was black Thursday this year)?? Or how about Cyber Monday?

Gotta be honest... I've NEVER been a black Friday shopper. I like my sleep, i dislike long lines, and crazy people. For real.

So after work Friday afternoon, i had to run errands anyways and went out. BIG MISTAKE. HUGE.

Since we don't have kids (or extra cash just for the heck of it) we really didn't have anything that we NEEDED. (or heck--WANTED.)

But i will say this.

As of today here is my list for Christmas:

Jace: DONE (except for stocking stuffers)
Mom/Dad: (mostly done)
Mom/Pop: DONE
Jen/Ken: DONE
Jeff/Melanie: DONE
Grace: DONE
Corbin: (in progress)
Alyssandra: DONE
Jane: DONE
Baby Boy 1: (in progress)
Baby Boy 2: (in progress)

Its a good thing too that I have most of it done. Time keeps slipping away from me it seems.
I blinked and it was Thanksgiving.
How did that happen?!

Now that I have that taken care of, I'm gonna spend the next two days decorating my house, and then I'm going to need to focus on my Relief Society's Christmas Program...
Dec. 6th will be here faster than I can imagine! 

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