Thursday, November 1, 2012

A little paint date...

I am not a wonderful artist...
that is no joke.

However, i LOVE going to As You Wish and painting pottery.

Silly, right?


I've been going for YEARS, and I passed that love on to my brother Joe. Normally he and i go on painting dates to As You Wish, but Monday it was JACE that asked me if we could go for a little paint date.


We've gone a couple of times since we've been married...

the first time he made a dinner plate with a smiley face on it.
i made a platter with our name on it.

the second time we went he made a cereal bowl with a smiley face on it.
i made a piggy bank for our future cabin fund.

(Jace's bowl is in the dishwasher and i don't have a picture of it...)

are you sensing a pattern with Jace?
can you guess what he made this time?

a mug! (to complete his set of course! also, it has a smiley face.) he's really into herbal tea lately 
and wanted a really good sized mug for that.

i also chose a mug to do. you guys! its hot chocolate weather! i got so excited thinking about that.

(it says "'tis the season to be freezin'!")

i am beyond excited that we are into November now, and i foresee these mugs getting used...ALOT!

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  1. You're all creative and artsy! Did you freehand those things?! They look amazing!


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