Monday, April 4, 2011


Does anyone remember ever getting sick from jumping on the trampoline??

Coolest b-day present ever! was for my nephew Corbin. His grandparents gave him a tramp! and all of us adults were super excited for it, especially my husband and i.

Well, i was talking to my SIL Jamie, and Corbin has been sick, but its always after the trampoline. shes wondering if he has motion sickness! and yesterday my cute neice Grace took me out back to show me the trampoline and her "spit". Which apparently is throw up.

She and i were bouncing around for about 2 minutes when i watched her eyes go wide and her hands cover her mouth. I asked if she was okay and she said I'm trying not to spit. YIKES! needless to say we got off the tramp.

Now, it cant be just these two kids getting sick off of play equipment like this, but honestly...I cant ever remember getting sick on the trampoline! and it makes me sad to think that, at least for the moment, they are getting sick by it!

also, interesting fact for you. My husband who was so excited for this trampoline?? Apparently he got on it and then realized his body has gotten old and didn't agree with bouncing around. Hahaha. His words to me? "I remember it being cooler and hurting less."

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  1. No I never got sick from a trampoline. That's sad. There is a place here called jump on it that is a room of trampoline's including the walls. Ken and I love it.


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