Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Not a mom, yet.

So, I may not get to be a mommy...yet. BUT i do get to be an aunt.

I had one of the most amazing aunts. She didn't have children of her own so she would treat her nieces and nephews as her children. I found this especially true about my brothers and I. We lived around the corner and were in the same ward.

On our birthdays she would take us out for a special date.


and so, since I'm not a mom, but i am an aunt i decided to be just like my aunt Kathy!

Grace's birthday was a month ago. (yes i am that late in posting about it) and we went and had a bounce-r-iffic day! At Riverview there is a place called Jump and Shout.

DUDE. so awesome!

We went and spent a couple of hours and then went and got lunch. Um, yeah. Want to know what Grace said when i asked what she wanted for lunch?

"Um, Cafe Rio."

If i could just convince her of Costa Vida's amazing-ness then it would have been the PERFECT day.

Enjoy the pictures! (these are mostly for you Jen!)

((sorry everything is backwards...its been one of those days and i'm too tired to fix it.))

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  1. Aww so adorable. Thanks for the pictures. Now I have some of you for my 2011 book :)


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