Friday, April 15, 2011

Wardrobe FAIL

I feel so completely lame.


My brother found a wardrobe on sale at IKEA. Its called "Dombas". No lie. Jace couldnt stop giggling. Well, its supposed to be a pretty good size and it was only $50! So I had him pick one up for us since we seriously LACK on storage space.

Last night J and I were putting it together. And we are mentally challenged. We put the whole thing together fairly fast (considering NOTHING was labled) but seriously underestimated how LARGE this wardrobe was. The ceiling in our hallway is quite lower than that in all of the other rooms. Lets just say that we "scraped" by. LITERALLY.

Then we underestimated how stupid and sharp the corners are in our apartment. We had to take the door off to our bedroom and after lots and LOTS of wiggling, we got it in. Yes, we realized that we shouldve put it together in the room we were going to put in, but AFTER the fact. Live and learn.

Basically we accomplished 3 things.

#1. We had to completely RE-ARRANGE our entire bedroom to fit this ONE piece.

#2. We took a brand new piece of furniture and dropped it (cracking it in some places) and scuffing it up when we wiggled it into our room.

#3. We scuffed up the paint on the door frame leading into our bedroom.

I'm not too worried about #3, I can fix anything up in this apartment and it will be WAY better than what they did to it before we moved in. But the other two...gosh dang it. Oh well, right?? Also, now i'm really sore. FAIL.

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  1. Don't feel bad. You should see the HUGE gouges in my dining room table from Ken and I carrying it up to our 3rd story apartment. The third staircase is a sharp turn and the table was just too big. We made it, but not without some terrible scars to the poor table. Epic Fail.


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