Friday, April 29, 2011

Am I alone in this?

Am I the ONLY person who really doesnt care about THIS:

William. Kate. Royal. Wedding. ???

I mean for real. I've never been the person that sits and watches the grammy's, the acadamy awards, etc etc. I personally think its a waste of time!

I dont know William or Kate. I dont live in England. Their getting married doesnt affect me directly.

Why would i get up at, what? 4 in the morning to watch something that is unrelated to me?!

i just DO NOT care.

I will admit however, as i looked at my friend ashley's blog and saw the pictures she posted of the wedding, Kate's dress was beautiful and she looked flawless. of course.

shes a princess.

Did you watch it? Can you please tell me what motivated you to? Why it was so important to you? I'm honestly curious.

Feedback people!


  1. Yeah i didn't even know it was going on... but I would not have gotten up to watch it. Maybe a rerun.. if they're even going to do it.

  2. Yeah I didn't watch it. I am not opposed to seeing it, but I am not seeking it out. It's cool I guess, but I am certiantly not gung ho about it.


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