Sunday, May 1, 2011

The dress

7. the dress: was it what you always imagined? did you have it made for you?

The story of my dress...its not long or complicated i'll tell you that! I found the PERFECT dress in an LDS magazine a year before my wedding. I cut it out and had it in my wedding folder. When the time came, i called that company up ready to pay for it (it was inexpensive too!) and they had discontinued the dress!


So i went to AZ bridal (with my Mom, MOH and BFF Katie and her mom Terri), where I know they have modest dresses. The only ones i was interested in, that were in my size consisted of TWO. Yes, two.

The first one i tried on, i liked alot. The second one i liked less, but still liked. I couldnt decide. Then when i put the poofy slip underneath and placed the veil on...the first dress became THE DRESS.

First place, first dress. PURCHASED.

The end.

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