Monday, May 2, 2011


So i'm going to be an AUNT!

I'm an aunt to 3 adorable hunt babies, but this will be the first grandchild in my wight family.

When Jace and I got married, Jeff and Mindy already had Gracie, Josh and Jamie already had Corbin and Jamie popped the week after our wedding with Alyssandra. I didnt get to go through the whole Aly pregnancy and so it felt...surreal.

My big brother Jeff and his wife Melanie are going to have a little one, and the date will be in November! I'm so excited. If i cant have a baby yet, then i'm going to be happy for the babies i have around me.


Side note: Alyssandra is such the diva! Last night she was walking around in a snow white dress carrying a light saber. She seemed to be saying, "Bow to me or you shall suffer the consequences!"

She was also saying "join the dark side".

Does she belong to Josh or what?!

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