Monday, May 23, 2011

Flu bug and update

I almost died last week.
Not really.
But i felt like it.

I was at work a little over a week ago and in the 8 hours i was there, i got sick, REAL SICK.

Jace was at work till late.

I had a fever.
I was so achey.
I had a headache.
I couldnt keep anything down.
I started a horrible cough.
I lost my voice.
I had my daddy and brother come over to give me a blessing.

This pretty much went on for a whole week.

I went to Urgent Care a few days after getting sick and she gave me pretty heavy duty antibiotics. ((PS she looked like she was 20. Smacking on her gum and saying "Awesome!" the whole time. yikes i'm old!))

I lived on our couch.
I dropped 5 LBS because i didnt eat, and anything i did eat i couldnt keep down.
I sounded like a man.
I hadnt kissed my husband in a week.
I was not a happy camper.

Jace's bday was Saturday and on Thursday i realized how bad our apartment looked.
So we cleaned.
and by cleaned i mean, we disinfected the ENTIRE apartment.
and it looks like we just moved in.


I still sounded like a man.
I still had a horrible cough.
I have bruised something from coughing so much and so hard.


I made Jace birthday signs.
I bought a bunch of balloons with my mom.


We had both of our families there (Minus Jeff, Mindy, Grace, and Ken who were in Utah and Melanie who got sick) and he had some friends stop by.
Lots of Wii was played, fun gifts were given, and someone laughed so hard they may or may not have thrown up. (I plead the 5th on who that happened to.)

So even though i felt like i was dying
Jace had a fun 24th bday!

and now i'm alive again.

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