Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This is my 100th post people!

Not that very many people read this, but for me that is an accomplishment indeed!

I've always kept a journal. By always i mean, I got one when i was 8 from my mom on my baptism day...and over the next 5 years wrote 20 pages.


When my brother came home from his mission my grandfather gave me a beautiful present. I know, it seems wrong that i got a present when he got home, but to be fair my grandpa also gave my brother a laptop. just sayin'.

He gave me a journal with a very special letter to me on the inside. He also gave me a pearl necklace to go with it. He called it my Temple Pearl. He touched on why he gave me the pearl and how special i was, but he also hit on why he gave me the journal. "The prophet commanded us to keep records...",he said.

I resolved to do better at journal writting. "I now at the ripe old age of 15 WILL fill these pages with my dazzeling wit, and charm, my insights, and my dreams", i said.

i DID do better. But i think it still took me 4 years to fill it up.


My mom then got me a journal that i tried to take with me EVERYWHERE. It got quickly filled up and that made me so happy! I felt like i was doing what I needed to, especially after President Hinckley told us that journal keeping was EXTREMELY important.

The Christmas before i turned 22, my best man friend Troy gave me a journal. He put alot of thought into the gift and said that he knew I could fill it.

(insert AWWWWWW here)

SO i made ANOTHER resolution. That at the even riper age of 22 I was going to fill the journal with my secrets, my hopes, my fears, my brilliance, etc. and do it QUICKLY!

AND I DID! I think it took me just over a year this time. and i filled it up! i'm not so sure about filling it with brilliance or anything, but it got filled!

Jace and I had been married for 2 months when Christmas came. And he had bought me a beautiful leather journal with a special note on the inside. I'm still in the process of filling it. But I've been able to be on the computer more which means that anything i've missed out on writting at home, has probably been taken care of on the blog. So i'm hoping to get this printed out and include it with my other journal.


yay me.

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  1. Hooray! I used to fantastic at journal writing. I would fill 2 per year and then I switch to an online journal and wrote nearly every single day. Until I got married. Sad but true. I havn't written in a while, but I am doing better with my blog. Thanks for the reminder. I keep saying I will write when I get a netbook, but what a terrible excuse. I am writing today!!!


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