Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 1

Jace and I have a very interesting story. Well, at least its interesting to me.

In elementary school I had a friend named Bryan and i swear every year we were in the same class. Well, we ended up going to the same Jr High. However we only saw each other at lunch now. He introduced me to one of his friends Jace. Jace was OBNOXIOUS. and kind of mean. I wasnt a real fan of him. and honestly i don't have very many memories of Jace from back then. I do remember him starting to call me "A&W" (i thought it was for my name) but there was a root beer commercial about being "hard-headed". And the last memory I have of Jace was him calling me a name and getting on the school bus, i told bryan to hit him upside the head for me. And I didnt think about him again for 7 years.

I had been dating this guy for over a year and we were planning our wedding. Bryan emailed me out of the blue,telling me that his long time girlfriend (who i was also friends with) cheated and then was going to study abroad. They broke up. His heart was broken and I felt so bad for my friend. Well, not too long after that my own relationship took a hit. He decided he wasnt ready to get married and wanted to continue to do the long distance dating. My heart couldnt take it. SO we broke up. And bryan and i commiserated together on the phone.

One day he called me SO excited telling me that his friend Jace was getting back from his mission to Idaho.He asked if i remembered him....and i had to search my brain, but i finally did remember him. And i was happy that bryan was going to get his friend back in his life.

I recieved a friend request from Jace Hunt not too long after that. We were friends on facebook for quite some time, neither of us talking to the other. Till one day in April 2009 I got a message from him asking if i'd like to go to dinner to catch up. He was very specific in saying that this was NOT a date.

I agreed. We set up a day for dinner and i told him that he needed to pick me up. i didnt care if it was a date or not! I was on the phone with my brother in CA and i was telling him about the last time i remember seeing Jace and Ididnt really like him. Jeff asked why i was doing this and I said i that i didnt know but it was dinner and i like dinner.

Jace came to pick me up and BOY had he grown up. He was quite cute...and shy! We went to Outback and were just chatting away...(apparently i dont have a problem in that area). I told him that I had been in love before and we were pretty dang serious and that really surprised him. As we were finishing up dinner he asked me if i had other plans that night or if i wanted to do something else.The friend date was turning into a real date!

Both of us were so comfortable all through dinner because it WASNT supposed to be a date. We were just totally casual.We ended up trying to do various activities (which fell through; and is now a "trademark" of ours) and ended up seeing The Soloist in theaters.

He held my hand **tingles!** and when he took me home, he walked me to the door and kissed me! ( i normally never kiss on thefirst date...but something came over me!) It was very short, but sweet.

The next day he called me and asked to do something that night as well. I agreed. and apparently he cancled a date with another girl to go out with me again. (oh yeah i'm that cool and btw sorry to the other girl. you missed out). And from there we saw each other every day with the exception of a 5 day break when i went to visit my brother over my bday.

We dated 2 months and he proposed and 4 months after that we were married!

This was the first picture we had taken of us together. We took my little brother out for ice cream on Mill Ave. I saw a fountain (i LOVE fountains) and had to go over there. Joe took this picture for us.


  1. How funny! I didn't know you guys had known each other that long! he was a butt back then :) I remember.
    I'm so happy you're in the family now I love you to pieces ha ha and I haven't even been able to meet you yet!

  2. Awww. How cute. Maybe I will write my story too. I LOVE people's sappy stories. How we met, and the proposal stories are my very favorite. I love your failed activities. (propsal, anniversary, first date). You crack me up. Don't worry, I fail everytime I try something romantic. For some reason I keep trying though.


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