Saturday, April 23, 2011

The engagement.

Blog Challenge Day 3. proposal: how it happened, how long were you engaged for? was it a total surprise? pictures of that... etc.

The Proposal.
It was, um, interesting.

I was in CA with my big brother Jeff over my bday. Apparently while i was gone, Jace went and talked to my parents and asked for my hand in marriage. My mom then called my brother Jeff (who i was with) and told him on the phone (i was in the car!) that Jace was going to propose when i got home!

I got on a plane the day after my birthday to go back home and got SICK. I mean, real sick.
Jace had called asking to pick me up from the airport. I said "No. I have some of Jeff's luggage and it needs to go to my mom and dad's anyways. So just wait to see me."

He was irritating me by not backing down.

I got off the plane and there were my parents waiting for me. AND JACE.

We got back to my house and it was decorated for my birthday. It was so sweet of my bff Katie, Jace, Troy, Bryan and Eric to decorate my room. Then Jace wanted to go to dinner.

So finally he convinces me to go get a frosty from Wendy's. He got me talking about what Jeff and I did for my birthday so i didnt notice where we were until we were on the highway. WEIRD. Seriously.

Finally we reach our destination. FOUNTAIN HILLS! For those of you who dont live in the Valley here this is a very well to do area with a Lake smack dab in the middle of it. And right smack dab in the middle of the lake is a GIANT fountain!
(i love fountains...see our first kiss picture)

We were eating our ice cream, but the fountain wasnt running as late as it was. Bummer, but oh well. Then Jace turns on his phone (for the radio...we did that all the time, and still do) and has "our song" going.

Then he proceeds to tell me that he loves me and that he cant imagine spending any more time apart. And he asks me a question. "Will you marry me?" I said yes and then... THE FOUNTAIN WENT OFF!
no lie.

He slipped the ring on my finger (which i couldnt see because it was dark) and i called my mom, best friend, brother Jeff, and cousin Julie.

The actual fact that he was going to propose wasnt a surprise. We had talked about it before hand, but the timing was a surprise. He was supposed to wait for another month or so. We ended up being engaged for 4 months (the temple was closed down for 3 weeks for cleaning when we wanted to get married) and then were married in October.

There are NO pictures of the proposal or even of us after it. We're lame. but there is a picture of me the day after holding up my all important hand.

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