Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ladies and Gents...

The time has come.

Know what time??


so stinking excited.

I have just been ITCHING to do something lately. Call it the spring cleaning vibe, but everything has just been driving me absolutely batty!

I decided to tackle our second bedroom. Basically it looked like the inside of one of those storage containers that you rent. you know...where you cant move and its floor to ceiling boxes...and you probably have a hobo living in there?

yeah, it was dark and scary and i have nightmares just thinking about it.

I wish with all my heart i had taken a picture of it to show you the before...but then again...maybe you are all better off without that image.

I went through and did some MAJOR decluttering and throwing away and reorganizing boxes. Let me tell you it was awful! I, at one point, had been swallowed up by boxes and J couldnt even see where i was when he tried to step into the room.

key word: TRIED.

We have 2 loveseats, a lovesac, and a recliner in there(along with a gazillion boxes)...so i decided to remove the recliner and put it into our family room. We have been using the lovesac so thats not in there either. (at the moment)

Eventually it will go back in there and when we have our neices and nephew over we can put the laptop in there so they can watch movies and snuggle on the lovesac.

I set up our card table for my scrapbooking or so jace could use it for work (yeah right)...and put up shelves on the wall to hold all of my hair coloring product.

SQUEE!!! i sometimes go in there just to look at that shelving. no lie.

There is so much more to do, but already i feel lighter.

NOW. on to the family room.

We got a sturdy and well-loved coffee table at a friends garage sale for a few dollars. I went out last night and bought stain and paint and will post pictures of the end product!

I also was getting tired of everyone in the world being able to see my dirty kitchen (and a sink full of dishes) everytime we had a dinner party! or just in general....SO i went out and got super cheap curtain rods and 3 panels of chocolate, sheer curtains. they add JUST enough privacy that you cant see the mess but are still sheer enough that it doesnt totally close off the space.


since i'm at work, i'll post the pictures when i get home.

But let me tell you this. Spring is here...and i'm catching the cleaning and organizing bug. Its gonna be awesome!

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  1. I TOTALLY know what you mean. I LOVE fixing a room and when something is clean and organized I also sot and stare at it. It makes me so happy. I moved my dining room table and it filled me with glee. Great job. I want to see pictures!


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