Sunday, April 24, 2011


blog challenge day 4. the ring: tell us about it! did you pick it out? did he? pictures! tell us about his ring too!

When Jace and I were dating we used to talk in hypotheticals.

Like, "So if we got married what kind of cake would you want? IF we were to get married what would our colors be? IF IF IF."
It was safer than actually saying, "You are the one for me. Marry me now and lets ACTUALLY plan our wedding."

Well, one of the hypothetical questions he asked me was what i'd want my ring to look like.
What i told him was this: "As long as its white gold and princess cut i dont care."

I showed him a style that was kind of what i wanted...simple, not too flashy. I love me some bling too honestly i wouldve been fine with whatever he chose for me.

He took his SIL Mindy to ::JARED:: and found me a beautiful ring. Simple but has enough bling to satisfy that need for sparkle.
I love it!!

The day after he proposed we went back to Jared's to find my band and his (and get my engagement ring sized--it was too big). There werent a ton of "contour" bands and that is the type i needed unless i was doing a custom band. So we picked one out and i LOVE it, but its a bit thick for me (i have short, stubby fingers)

Eventually we'll get a skinnier version.

Jace was working with his family still and doing alot of moving, deliveries, and eventually construction on a new store so we wanted something that was going to hold up well.
Jace's only requirement was that it be the comfort fit. We wanted Tungsten because its so durable...but they didnt have any decent ones.

So we got a Titanium ring in which i had engraved with "My Best Thing 10-15-09"
He loved it.

However, with all of the labor he did it got really scratched up. So for his bday next month I'm giving him a new band...TUNGSTEN! We went yesterday to get my ring cleaned and they had a whole selection of tungsten rings and Jace found the one he wants! It looks like White Gold, but way more durable! I'll take pictures of it when we get it.

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  1. Your ring is pretty! Before you purchase his ring though, check ebay and see if you can find the same one for cheap. I've bought two for Gilbert (he thought he lost his first, then we found it) on ebay and its amazing the deals you can get. And no, its not someone else's bad luck ring, some companies post their overstock on ebay and you get major deals. For instance, his first tungsten ring - $40, his second ceramic ring - $16. Awesome. Just thought I'd let you in on my secret, cuz I mean really, who wouldn't want to save like $300 - $400? :)


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