Thursday, March 31, 2011

Its all in the name

So this week i started my new job.
My new job at my mom's family's jewelry store.
I kinda-sorta love it.

Not that i ever thought that this is something that i wanted to do, or that its something i'll do for a long time, but for these reasons:

1. I miss my moms family. I used to see them WAY more than i have in the last 5 years...and its so nice to get to be a part of the Gunnell clan again! and what is more fun is that we are having a Gunnell reunion at the end of April.

2. When I'm in downtown Mesa....i feel more connected to my grandparents. Is that silly?? Its just more of an old feel...and my grandpa's brother started the jewelry store 65 years ago. and its still here. So is my grandpas brother. its just a feel good to me.

3. The Lord was looking out for me. My cousin Amber and her mom both thought of me for the job before I had even voiced that i wanted to quit my job. I work WAY less hours, for the same pay, in a more loving and happy environment. PLUS i get to reconnect with my moms family.

Thank you Heavenly Father. ..... I am a proud Gunnell/Farnsworth/Wight/Harper/Hunt and I love that I have so many of my family around me so often. I truely am blessed.

Speaking of family and names...I am just wanting my own little baby so much. I dream about having kids and how complete i feel. I know its not the right time for us, or we would have a little bundle around. I know that when we're ready the Lord will bless us. I just wish it was sooner than later. I get jealous of my friends and family that keep having all of these adorable children. My cousin Julie will have her little bailey in 2 short months! J and I are all ready in the name department too. We picked out 2 girl names and 2 boy names. J even says "when so and so does this...." or if so and so wants to do sports he can..." he is so funny. talking about them like we already have them. J is really really baby hungry. As much as I am, but in a different way. I am a little more silent of wanting a baby (except to him and my mom) and hes yelling at me from across the room saying that we should start our medication so i can get pregnant.

haha, boys.

well, my time will come.

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