Thursday, March 17, 2011


#1. Dear Arizona, please please cool down a little! We only get 2 weeks of spring here and i would really love to enjoy them.

#2. Dear Mom, thank you so much for going shopping with me. Having you help me find shirts that are cute, and FIT! was wonderful. Having you offer to pay for some of them, even more so. i love you.

#3. Dear smokers of the world, please PLEASE stay in areas that are for smoking only. I get such nasty migraines due to cigarette smoke that i cant stand it. literally. i go home and have to lie down.

#4. Dear Basha's customers today, i realize its the 17th. Which means its St. Patties day... but honestly. With all that beer i was watching you buy, you really should be buying food stuff to go with it. Or you know buy the food stuff and leave the beer. That would be good too.

#5. Dear work, i'm really disliking you at the moment. I want to be home and clean, and then go for a walk or something before the weather gets all crazy hot. Instead i'm stuck indoors waiting for clients who arent coming in because they are too busy doing what i want to be doing!

#6. Dear Spring Break, remember when we used to have fun? Back when i was in school and didnt work? I miss those days. Hope you are doing well and having fun on your vacations. xoxo

#7. Dear Friends, JACE is now fully licensed and working at FARMERS insurance! You should call him and get a quote.

#8. Dear Katie, I'm glad you found Adam and that you are so happy!

#9. Dear Bicycle, Thank you for helping me get in shape. My legs dont want to fall off anymore!

#10. Dear Pepper Potts-Hunt, you are so cute.

The end.

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