Friday, September 30, 2016

Life lately

Well...the life of boring/weird continues.

I started having horrible migraines and feeling super nauseous so I went to my doctor. Turns out I had a horrible sinus infection. Apparently I've had multiple sinus infections right after another and my doctor is concerned that my deep sinuses are not draining properly. I have been on antibiotics and about a thousand other medications and it hasn't stopped my symptoms. Lucky me...I now get to go in and have a CT SCAN and get to follow up with a neurologist. Because I'm cool like that. :/ I've also developed another infection thanks to the antibiotics. Good times.

Nash got sick 1 day after me. He had a horrible time breathing, runny nose, and was complaining about his throat. He had strep over Labor day so I was getting worried. We took him in and...guess what?! Sinus infection. Come on!! He is the worst sleeper when he is sick and I've been up with him like 3 times a night for the past week. The antibiotic is definitely working though, his head has been clearing out. Hes gone through like a box of Kleenex.

Jace has been having a rough go at work lately. I'm sure everyone has heard of the drama with Wells Fargo. If not, let me sum up super quickly. A bunch of employees over the years made accounts for people without their permission because Wells Fargo had such high expectations that the employees (in most cases anyways) felt they had to do that to keep up. Well, crap hit the fan. Thousands of employees were fired. There was a 184 million dollar lawsuit. The CEO has been called before Congress (he got ripped apart). And now they are having to change LITERALLY EVERYTHING. Jace is having a tough time knowing what his job is now...he is in charge of retail banking at his branch...and they arent doing retail anymore. And since this is all happening on the fly there has been no direction from the higher ups yet. Its been tough.

My brother randy woke up yesterday having trouble breathing and his nailbeds were blue. My mom and dad took him to the ER and he was admitted with pneumonia. Poor guy. Last time he had pneumonia he was in the hospital for a week.

and thats us right now!

blah. On the plus side...i bought a ton of winter clothes for nash and they should be here next week! he is now the same size as his older we wont be getting too many hand me downs anymore. I also bought our Christmas ornaments...because i spent alot of time at the doctors and they are next to Hobby Lobby. Sue me!

Nash's new favorite show on Netflix is Mickey's House of Villians, he is 100% using a booster like a big kid, he would rather skip breakfast and then eat a huge lunch, and he is super allergic to mosquitoes just like me--which makes sense since we are the same blood type and life is cruel. Ha! This weather has been awful, everytime we step outside we are both swarmed!

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