Saturday, September 10, 2016



"I'm slippering!" --When the floor is wet and I say be careful, its slippery!

"Nursery!"--The name he calls my auntie Renay since he associates her with his favorite part of church. 

"Let's build sandy-castles!"--Sand Castles

"I need colorings!"--Anytime he sees someone with a marker, crayon, pencil, or pen...he thinks they are coloring.

"I need...!"--One of his favorite ways to start a sentence! "Gamma, I need Tom and Jerry!" "Momma, I need cell noone (phone)!"

"Give me that! Get me down!"--Another 2 of his favorite things to say. He really is sweet, but we are working on being polite and have good manners too.

We had a Family Home Evening the other night and Jace was explaining to Nash that Jesus was our brother. Nash responded with "OH."

He is starting to really talk in full sentences. Jace called the other day on his lunch break and Nash answered the phone and said this, "Oh hi daddy! Whatcha doning?" Jace responded with he was at work and what are you doing? Nash's response was, "I'm watching Einsteins and eating fishies!"

Joe went into his bedroom to take a nap the other day and my mom was watching Nash for me. Nash went to go find Joe to ask him to play with him. Walked in to his room, said "Joe!...then quietly said Oh..."and backed out of his room to leave Joe alone to sleep.

Phoebe (my parents cat) has gone on a couple of trips with them to the cabin lately. Which means she is in her cat carrier. The first time Nash saw it, he turned to me so worried and said, "Momma! Bebe is in the trap!"

If he bumps something, or bonks his head, he whimpers and looks around until he finds me. Then he comes to me and holds out the part that has been hurt so I can kiss it better. Its kinda hilarious because sometimes he climbs on my lap and just sticks his foot in my face. ha!

Right now, we play a game he invented called "Sad momma/Happy momma". I was feeling crappy the other day and was crying. He came up and said "oh, sad momma?" and I said yes, I'm a little sad. Then he smiles really big and says, "okay, happy momma now!" and giggles. Its impossible to not smile and be happier when that happens.

Anytime I do something or say something "funny", Nash looks at me and shakes his head and says, "Silly momma" and walks off!

Nash really is a great kid. He is saying his prayers really well, he is very polite (if you sneeze he will say bless you!), he is starting to pretend play (yesterday he was a doggie--woof woof!), and he will give me kisses anytime I ask for them. 2.5 can be a trying time because he wants to be independent and cant in alot of regards, but it also is a fun age. He is just my little buddy, my pal, and I am SO grateful he is mine!! My life would seem so empty without him!

Here are some recent(ish) pictures...I realized I havent posted any on the blog in awhile of my own kid!

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