Thursday, September 15, 2016

Everything is (not) going to be okay.

My mantra for today.

A little destructive and not helpful I know.

I swear though. When it rains it pours.

Jace went to donate plasma the other day. My brother does it for a little (alot) of extra spending money. We thought that would be an easy way to earn a few hundred extra dollars a month. Turns out Jace's blood was so fatty they couldnt put it back into the machine to give back to him. He's not allowed to go back for 2 months...he came home so lightheaded and sick and almost passed out on me.

That same night, Wells Fargo released news amidst the lovely multi million dollar payout, that they would no longer be doing sales. My husband is a manager over tellers...his job is to instruct them to sell. He no longer knows what his job entails and what this means for his future.

My business slowed WAY WAY down. I was on fire the months of July and August and now...nothing. I know that eventually it will even out...or at least I hope it does.

But boy. I'm feeling like a failure. And at the moment it doesnt feel like its all going to be okay.

I leave you a few pictures of the only bright spot in my week so far:

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