Monday, October 28, 2013

4 years!!!!

Wow. You guys.
4 years flew by.
We started dating April 2009, were engaged by June 2009, and married for time and all eternity Oct. 15th, 2009.
1st anniversary _here_
2nd anniversary _here_
3rd anniversary _here_
Our 4th anniversary was a bit different for us. We've been lucky enough to escape for a few days up till this point for our anniversary. However, this year, we had a brother in the ICU and another who left the morning after our anniversary for his mission. We didnt have the opportunity to get away. And that was just fine. We made it work and we had fun here at home :)
I woke up early on our anniversary and cleaned the front of the house.
Then I went in and jumped on Jace in bed to wake him up.
For this anniversary I wasnt quite sure what to do for him...however the night before our anniversary a thought struck me. He has been talking and talking and TALKING about the new Batman video game that is coming out at the end of this month for MONTHS AND MONTHS. I have seen countless videos about it. To say he is excited is putting it mildly. SO....
I sold some of our things on craigslist and on facebook and took that money and went and paid for his pre-order of the video game. The guy at GameStop looked at me and said that this was the most selfless gift I could have given him and that I was the best wife. :) Ah, nerds who love video games.
I wrapped up the reciet telling him that it was paid for, and got a card in which i wrote another 10 things I love about Jace. (I've been doing it for birthday's, valentine's, anniversary's, and christmas' since we started dating)
He loved it and thought that it was awesome.
For me, he completely surprised me and took me shopping to get something silk. Whatever website he looked at for 4 year anniversary's told him that it was a silk anniversary. So we went to about a million different shops to find silk pajamas that would fit my growing baby belly. We found some. And they are so cute!!! I also stopped by something that I would loved to have had, but it was too expensive and i'm practical like that. We left the store, but Jace made me turn around and go buy it. (The lady marked it WAY WAY down for us too). Then we went and had lunch, and then went to Superstition Ranch Market (as per our tradition) and bought our pumpkins for Halloween and my fireplace pumpkins.
Then we went to my brother's setting apart.
It was a very fun day where we just enjoyed being together. It was so weird walking around Tempe Marketplace and 3 different malls together in the DAYLIGHT. That was way fun. :)
Happy 4 years my love. I cant believe we went from this:

to this:

(and a baby in that there belly!)
in a matter of just 4 short years. I cant wait to see what the next 4, 10, 20, 40 will bring us.
I sure love you.


  1. Happy Anniversary!! I LOVE the pictures. With a baby on the way, Anniversary get-aways may be even more difficult to come by from now on... but so worth it! :-)

  2. You guys are seriously so cute. Happy Anniversary!!


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