Friday, October 4, 2013

Our Journey Part 25

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These next 2 weeks were excrutiating.

The nice thing is that we had a few things distract us from WONDERING AND WORRYING.

Joe went through the temple for his own endowment! 
It was so awesome to be there with both of my brothers, Jeff's wife, my husband, both of my parents, Joe's bishop and his wife, my aunt Joyce and uncle Gevan, and cousin 
Brad and his wife Tiffany.
Then we went out to dinner to Matta's (family tradition!) where we met up with my cousin Julie and her two little girls, our niece Jane, and Dr. Garn (my old orthodontist) who we ran in to at the temple. It was super fun.

Joe also has lost like 12-15 pounds by dieting and exercising--getting ready for his mission.

We bought Joe a set of luggage for his graduation/birthday present, but it had to get delivered.

I had A LOT of work to job isnt easy, but it definitely keeps me busy!!

Anyways...our two week wait was OVER.

I went in for my blood test at 7 AM...last time that meant I got my results on my lunch break. It was awful. So I asked that they call me as late as possible with the news...just in case.

Instead I got a call at 1:40 PM...which I couldnt answer since I was at work. They left no message. And by the time I got off work, the office was closed.



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