Monday, October 14, 2013

9 Weeks

Today I had my very last appointment at the fertility center.

I honestly dont know how to express how i'm feeling!

These good people gave me HOPE that i'd become a mom.


They went through 7 months of heartbreak WITH me. I could feel how hard it was on them when they had to give me the bad news...and i even once had one start crying with me while i was on the phone.

I've gone through 2 months now of PURE AND TOTAL joy. When i went in for my first blood test after they called me with the good news...i literally was barrelled over by nurses and assistants giving me hugs and congratulations.

They have always been there. Answering every question i it stupid or valid. They know how rough this was for me and dont make light of anything.

I have felt like i LIVED there...and for a few months, i swear i did. I saw them at least ONCE every WEEK for a solid 8 months. There was the "break month"...where I only saw them twice.

And now...they are booting us out.

In a good way.

Me and the baby are okay--which means that we can move forward with my OB.

How i'll miss these good people! I promised to bring the baby in when its here. :)

And this isnt the last i'll see of them...we'll be back when we are ready to try again. For now though its goodbye--and with the deepest and most heartfelt THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING that i can muster through my tears.

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