Friday, November 1, 2013

Dress sale!

Who's excited besides me?!

Thanks to the pregnancy (or maybe its just me), I am feeling the need to de-clutter!

I'm going to be going through my closet as well as my husbands and seriously empty them of clothes we don't wear/don't fit/wont ever fit again!

I'm starting with my dresses. I have been hanging on to them because i LOVE them so much!
However, I need to be realistic and admit that I haven't been able to fit in them for some time, and now i'll never fit in them again!!!

((please contact me on here or through email to if you are seriously interested!!))

All dresses range in design and size.
Keep in mind that I am 5'3" and these all hit about my knee length.
Also, keep in mind that if you are small, but chesty these may fit you really well.
I fit most of these with a 'B' cup breast size.

Dress 1:
Size 6 petite
From Dress Barn.
Black and White.
Has a cute bow and POCKETS!! 
I only wore this ONCE and its adorable on.
Asking $30

Dress 2:
Size (13), but fits at the time I was wearing a 6
Bought at a random boutique in Montana.
White, Grey, with blue stripe.
Ruffle front, super cute for a night out or a day at the office.
Asking $20

Dress 3:
Size 5/6 Jody dress
Light Pink with a eyelet overlay.
Square neck.
Super breezy and comfortable. 
Asking $20

Dress 4:
Size 7/8 Jody dress
White dress with white and blue flower overlay.
Criss-over V neck.
Past knee length (on a 5'3" person)
Breezy and comfortable.
Asking $20

Dress 5:
Size 7/8 Jody dress
White and dark brown with the white being a bold flower pattern.
Criss-over V neck.
Very breezy, with tulle underneath to make it fan out.
Asking $20

Dress 6:
Size 8 Studio 1 dress
Back and grey with cute bow!
This is the only dress that doesnt have sleeves--you can wear a cardigan over it.
Round neck.
Asking $20

Dress 7:
Size 12 Studio 1 dress
Black and Grey, button down the complete front with belt cinch.
Fairly form fitting.
Little bit of a high collar, very "powerhouse" dress!
Asking $20

Dress 8:
Size 12 FORMAL dress
Bubble Gum pink and Black.
Black trim under bust and around bottom with cute black ruffle underlay.
Worn ONCE for my cousins wedding--can be used for Homecoming, Formals, or Proms.
Satin and Dry Clean Only.
Asking $30

Dress 9:
Size 16 (fits like a 13/14 though) FORMAL dress.
Coral pink from David's Bridal.
Just above knee length, and 2" across straps. 
Size 16 because of my size 38 C's...
Satin and Dry Clean Only.
Worn ONCE for my best friends wedding. 
I needed sleeves so it also comes with a custom bolero. 
Same Coral satin, and cap sleeves.
The custom part is the neckline and front have been altered to make a nice, comfortable fit.
Also, snaps have been added to the dress and the bolero to keep it in place around the breast area.
Asking $20 for dress and $10 for bolero--O.B.O

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  1. The brown and white floral dress is very cute! I may be interested...


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