Thursday, November 21, 2013


I'm feeling groggy. lazy. forgetful. stressed. overwhelmed.

I guess thats what happens half way through your pregnancy while you're still working full time and trying to do too much around the house.

I know there are women out there that would look at this, shake their heads, and tell me to shape up. They are pregnant and dealing with another kid, or heck even 4 more and still keeping up on their housework.

I cant compare myself to them.

If my life experiences have taught me anything its that every situation is unique and every person is different with different capabilities and strengths...and weakness'.

I feel like i'm losing it. I dont want to be at my job because its super stressful and makes it so I cant take care of my home. I HAVE to be at my job because we need the money. Which is also super stressful. I'm grateful for the opportunity to have a job, but I cant seem to stop complaining about it.

My husband, while a great guy with wonderful qualities...however picking up after himself and looking around to see what needs to be done is not one of them. So with my slacking and his lack of initiative...our home is a wreck. And its giving the OCD part of me the hives while the pregnant part is making it impossible to clean! AH!

Do you ever just feel so completely overwhelmed that you dont know what to do? That you just sit and look at your list/house/life and cant get up off the couch because you dont even know where to start...or when you'd even have the time to?

Thats how I'm feeling lately. Wish it was different.

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