Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Life Lately

I wanted to take a minute and write a few specific things down of what is going on in our life lately.

First off, I have been incredibly blessed with this pregnancy. I didnt really get "morning sickness" least not any different from what my other medications had been doing to me.
Because I'm labeled "higher risk" thanks to getting pregnant through fertility (and how long it took us to get pregnant even with that help) I get to see my sweet friend once a month. Its AMAZING how much they change and grow in a month!!! At our 12 week appointment, the baby was SMILING at us. No lie. That was the first thing my OB said. At our 16 week appointment, the little peanut was kicking its feet like crazy (i'm not feeling movement yet) and rubbing at its eyes.
I am loving every minute.
WELL...almost every minute. My smell is still haywire and super sensitive. Also, i have developed a nasty sinus infection that has just flat out knocked me OUT. I always heard that being sick while pregnant is the worst...and now i believe it. I am just lucky that I'm not having to chase around other kids while sick and pregnant.
My belly is LARGE. I'm choosing to only wear maternity clothes (except my big t-shirts that are comfy) and I just can NOT wait to feel the wiggles of this child!!

Secondly, Jace is working on getting another promotion. I am so proud of him.

Thirdly, my little brother who is at the MTC has re-injured his knee. :(  We aren't too sure what this will mean...if he has to have surgery to fix it, he'll have to come home, recover, and then start all over. We are praying that he doesn't have to do that and would appreciate all added prayers for a speedy and full recovery for him. Thanks!

And thus raps up another...Life Lately.

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