Thursday, October 11, 2012

3 years

This is my 200th post.

I've been saving this post for something special.

and that something special is my anniversary. my 3rd wedding anniversary.
(Monday the 15th...we are going to be up at the cabin ...)

Jace and I were reflecting on our lives since we have known each other. 
and boy, its been a WILD ride.

If by wild, i mean:
3 Moves.
3 Wards to try to fit into.
1 Graduation.
7 New jobs.
1 New car.
20 Months of trying for a baby.
1 Mission. (Jace's parents)
4 moves. (for Jace's side of of the family)
3 Surgeries. (My family)
2 Babies. (Alyssandra and Jane)
2 Babies on the way. (Jamie is having twins)
1 Cruise.
1 Disneyland vacation.
 A few trips to the cabin.
and countless other things that i dont have numbers for...

I've sat and reflected about our life many times...and while we are stumbling and finding our way and working things out to where they are best for our family...we are DOING IT TOGETHER. And i am so very grateful to have my husband by my side. I love Jace so much. 

So, here is to 3 years. Eternity to go babe.

(Oct. 14th 2009--day before wedding)

(December 2009--first Christmas together)

(April 2010--Jeff and Melanie's engagement)

(March 17th 2012--Fountain Hills St. Patty's Day)

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