Tuesday, October 2, 2012




some things i love about October finally getting here:

1. i have holidays to decorate for, one right after another!

2. the weather has started cooling down...now its only about 100 degrees...

3. once the weather cools off i'll be able to wear my wedding band AS WELL as my engagement ring.

4. our shows have started back up! (NCIS, NCIS LA, New Girl, Once Upon A Time, Castle, Wipeout)

5. we are getting internet this week AT OUR HOUSE. you guys. we havent had internet where we live since before we got married!

6. Jace is done with his banker training today and starts FOR REAL tomorrow!!!

7. General Conference is this weekend and Jace and I are really excited.

8. Our anniversary is in 13 days! 3 years. Holy smokes.

9. Soon we'll be able to sit out on our porch at night and ENJOY...jace can play his guitar to his hearts content while i read a book...

10. This is the start of "Fall"...meaning that the new year is just around the corner (WHAT?!) and that means we can change our insurance and get into a specialist. So exciting!!!

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  1. Yay for internet, Conference and anniversaries! Here's some comment love for you. Muah!


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