Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mommy Weekend

My brother and his wife are out of town for a week.

They are on lake Powell, for a week!,...which would be difficult (and scary!) with a 10 month old who is learning to walk.

I personally would've taken her, but they opted to have family here who were willing to help take care of her.

Jace and I agreed to take Saturday-Monday (jace was home Sunday and i didn't work Monday).

We had so much fun!!! We played so much, and we got to snuggle a lot with a sweet little girl. She wasn't feeling fantastic, which made for a MUCH more cuddly baby.

She was so good natured, and we only had one MINOR meltdown...that is until i took her to Melanie's sisters tonight. Poor thing was so so so sad that i was leaving her! (which made me feel AWFUL, as well as really good because she was going to miss me)

The only "problems" that we had were: she got up much earlier than i'm used to! and that she had such a runny nose that was making her miserable.

My brother, when he asked me, joked that "jace and i wanted a baby...here was some practice!"
And other people kept joking that i was either going to go insane or accidentally kill her.


Jace and I are so ready to be a mom and dad, and we did definitely enjoy being parents! Walking into her smiling face and getting slobbery kisses, watching her mimic us fold our arms for prayer and watch her learn how to sign 'more'...it was special.

We sure love our sweet Janie. 

"Aunt Andrea...i get to go to YOUR house?! Is it baby-proof?"

Watching general conference. She was enthralled when the Mormon Tabernacle Choir would sing... 

This was during President Monson's talk.

You cant see it very well, but she was laughing like crazy in this shot!

"Aunt Andrea, I don't have time to look at your camera and give you a smile. I'm busy making messes and reading Uncle Randy's book."

This little sweetie, just waking up on Sunday. She is so adorable!

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