Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I hereby label this post as "things that are insane at the moment":

#1. Its the END of October! I wanted to fast forward October, because we have still had some pretty warm weather..."get out of the 100s and high 90s Mesa!" were the words I think I uttered most this month. However now its

#2. Its the END of October! Which means that the holidays are going to be upon us!!! ::squee!!!::

#3. Its the END of October! Which means that the election will be over soon. Can I get a hallelujah? This year especially, I have done my research on candidates, propositions, and the like. But in my humble opinion, was there EVER any real choice about who to elect as our President?? Like we need ANOTHER 4 years like we JUST had. No thank you. Mitt Romney said it best a the end of the 2nd debate, "We do not need to settle."

#4. Its the END of October! Our niece Alyssandra just had her 3rd birthday. SO WEIRD! Jace and I had just gotten home from our honeymoon (basically) when we rushed to the hospital to see the little beauty. Now, shes just as beautiful and a million times more sassy :)

#5. Its the END of October! Which means that our niece Jane will be turning ONE next month. WHERE HAS THIS YEAR GONE?!!?!??!

#6. Its the END of October! Which means that this month marks 6 years since my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and has been "cancer free!" for ONE WHOLE YEAR!

#7. Its the END of October! Which means its just 2 more months until we can change our health insurance so we can get into a fertility specialist!

#8. My little brother can now go on his mission a YEAR early...which means that in just 8 SHORT months...he'll be gone :(

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