Monday, October 29, 2012

the week of...

the migraine.

however, even with the migraines that i've been having, my talk in church went well, my meeting went great, i did my visiting teaching this month, found a dress that i dont hate myself in, and deep cleaned the apartment.

funny side note:

my bishopric has been trying to get me to give a talk for the last 5 months...but every time they asked we legitimately were going to be out of town. however, they really thought i was avoiding them and did not want to give a talk.

the truth? i actually really dont mind talking in church, and i also kind of am good at it.

so yesterday i gave my talk. and in priesthood, our bishop (hes brand new) went up to Jace and said, "these guys have been telling me that your wife was dodging them...and we expected her to give a 3 minute, not so good talk, but MAN! she is a PRO! she totally NAILED IT!"


i swear men gossip more than girls.

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