Friday, April 28, 2017


Is anyone on here an emotional eater?

You eat when you are happy? Or sad? Or stressed?

I have found that I have turned into an emotional eater.

Yesterday my whole day was thrown off when I got a phone call reminding me I had forgotten a commitment. I was late. I hadnt eaten anything and I basically threw Nash in the car and we rushed over lickity split. healthy food choices arent at the house where I I made a not so great breakfast choice. And one thing led to another because then it was almost 3 PM, and we could finally go home, but Nash and I both hadnt eaten lunch, he was late for a nap, and I was stressed out. I grabbed a Pepsi and drank it...putting me well over my sugar allotment for the day.

I was so mad at myself and stressed about work that instead of exercising, I sat there mad at myself...FOR NASH'S WHOLE NAPTIME! Gah.

Today, I did great at breakfast and was on track to have a great lunch when Nash asked for jack in the box (he never asks for food....) so i looked up taco nutrition facts and decided i could fit those in my meal plan today. I got a side salad as well. I ate about 6 of Nash's fries and my salad and could have been done. But i bought the tacos dang it and so I ate them.

Now, instead of working out, I want to puke my guts out. Too much fried stuff and my tummy is ANGRY.

Tell me this gets easier to navigate. Please?!

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