Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Back to the grind

So, as many of you know, i have infertility issues.

Say whaaa? (right?) ::sarcasm::

Anyways, in the last year, my body and the flip flopped hormones and the insulin resistance that I now have, plus the awesome high blood pressure the last pregnancy has saddled me with HAVE TAKEN THEIR TOLL on my poor body.

I had been going to an endocrinologist for awhile in 2016, but he wasnt concerned with me. In fact he turfed me to his PA for all of my appointments except the first one. I wasnt a priority. And I needed help, and he didnt give it to me.

I stopped going to him. And then my prescription ran out.

Since I was off my medication that helped with the insulin problem...i've had major weight issues because of that. (my body doesnt process insulin no matter how many calories I count or diets i go on--my body just holds on to that fat. freaking a man. so unfair)

EVENTUALLY (and sooner than later) I'd like to get pregnant again--(especially considering I have to have a hysterectomy at an early age thanks to the cancer gene I've inherited from my mom.)

I needed to see a new Endo. A neighbor gave me the info of her old doc who she loved.

I had my first appointment yesterday.

I cant say that I love her...but at least I have someone who can help look out for me and figure some stuff out.

So I'm back to the grind. Diet, exercise, medication, managing my stress (betrayal trauma is laughing at me) and hopefully getting more sleep.

Wish me luck.

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